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June 1, 2008 – 9:55 pm

Hello All,

I first need to say that I have recently found out that some of my e-mails are not going through. If you are reading these updates and you feel you have missed information from one to the next it is because one of the e-mails didn’t go through. You can e-mail and ask for the update if you want. Also if you send me an e-mail and don’t hear back from me, I may not have received it or my reply did not go through. So please try it again. I have found out the internet is very flaky here. I will send something and it says that it is sent, but then I don’t hear anything back and find out that it didn’t go through. To my knowledge the problem can’t be fixed I just have to work around it.

Anyway these last few weeks has been quit eventful. The guys went to a remote village called Hickatee. It takes two and one half hours to drive to and then another two and one half hours to hike to. They had to take all their drinking water, hammocks and overnight supplies on their back; with the weather being above 100 degrees. It was a great success and we are excited to set up some teams, especially medical and dental to visit them. Because the village is so hard to get to our team was the first white men they had ever seen. Jervis is wanting all of us to go back to do a Children’s Program. So we are trying to figure out how to make that work with all the supplies and having the kids hike that far. We would need to stay overnight because it takes so long to get to and we can’t walk back once it gets dark. I wish I would have brought a tent with me.

So last week the electricity company decided to go on strike. They are asking for a 15% increase in rates. Which is ridiculous because we already pay 10 times more then we paid in Colorado? The government denied them, so they shut the electricity off which also shuts the water off. We had quit the time bathing in buckets and trying to see with candles.

We have a tropical depression over us right now. It has been raining almost all day, every day for the last week. What a refreshing change from the extremely hot temperatures we have had over the last month. One thing that happens here with lots of rain is flood flies. They are these little ant looking insects with wings. After a hard day of rain they come out in the millions around 4:30pm and stay for about 4 hours. It looks like a plague. The good news is they don’t bite. The bad news they are every where. I had to hang a sheet over my door to eliminate so of them from coming in. I am putting a picture of Jervis on snapfish so you can see them, it is so funny.

Many of you have been asking about the van situation. Thank you to every one of you that have been giving towards to taxes. We almost have the amount that we need and two more weeks to get it.

Last, but not least Jervis and I prayed long and hard about the new baby that we have been asked to take. I went on Friday to tell the mom we would go ahead and take the baby. I took my stuff to check on her pregnancy. I listened to the baby, checked her dates and measured her. It actually looks like she is not due until the end of July. So this will give us time to continue to heal from the loss of Zeki and to prepare ourselves for another little one. I told her I would come once a week to follow her pregnancy.

Thank you all for you love and support. We are so encouraged by all of you and are able to continue with the strength that we get from your prayers, thoughts and e-mails. Thank you for loving us and believing in us.

In Him,
Jervis, Melissa and kids

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