Things have grown at a rapid pace here at LOL! Locals keep commenting that I am like the nursery rhyme, “there was an old lady that lived in a shoe….” I am not quiet sure I like the “old” part!

Life is fun, busy and there are kids everywhere, all the time! Christmas is such a special time at LOL and the love of Christ fills the atmosphere abundantly! It looks like we are having a party every night with all the Christmas music, lights and laughter!

Two years ago this Christmas Eve we received our license to become a Children’s Home. Since that time we have had over 100 children come through our doors. Some stay for a short time and others have been here from day one. No matter the time, we know the Lord allows us to plant seeds of hope and love in these children!

We are so excited for all that the Lord is doing in and through Laugh Out Loud! Our budget continues to increase with the demands and needs of the children and keeping the facility up, but God continues to remain faithful!

As the year comes to an end, I would ask that you pray about joining with us at LOL in our food campaign. We would like to raise the funds for food for the entire year of 2015, so we are able to focus on other needs that we have at LOL knowing our kids will always be fed.

Our goal is to raise $65,700 which is the cost for one entire years worth of food! Every little bit helps, would you please consider joining with us and sharing with your friends and family. We have decided to go through GoFundMe, so people are able to share and see the progress of the money coming in. You can also share on Facebook when you give and this will give even more exposure of LOL. You will receive a tax receipt for any donation made to LOL through GoFundMe.

Here is the link to give:


We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and prayers for Zander as we sought out medical care for his struggles with asthma. We had an amazing experience at National Jewish and I can’t say enough about how precious the doctors and staff were during our time there. We were not able to find any specific triggers, like allergies but we did learn a lot! We came back with a treatment plan and new medication. Two days before leaving Colorado Zander got sick and started having trouble, we started on the new treatment and still today (11 days later) he is still sick. The medication has kept him out of the ER, so I am thankful for that. With the treatment plan and education I feel confident and have more peace that we can manage his care. Thank you for your continued prayers that God will heal Zander of asthma and continue to give me wisdom on how to take care of him the best I can.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please keep a look out for your homemade Christmas card from our kids if you are in our address book! Please keep in mind we have children with disabilities, so if it doesn’t look the best know the heart was so precious when it was made!



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